Turbo Car Air Freshener


A turbocharger inspired air freshener which can be attached to the airvents. 

The spinning turbine blows the fragrance into every corner of your car.

Available in 4 different colours each with its own unique lavender based fragrance:

1: Red - Wishing wizard fragrance
2: Black - Cologne fragrance
3: Silver - Encounter fragrance
4: Blue - Ocean fragrance


Item Width: 6cm
Item Length: 7cm
Item Height: 2.5cm
Item Weight: 70g

What's included:


  • 1 x Turbo Air Freshener
  • 1 x Fragrance sticks
  • 1 x Vent clip
  • 1  storage box (9x6cm)


United States 12-20 Days(Tracking Available)
Europe: 15-35 Days(Tracking Available)
Rest of the World: 20-45 Days